Content-Management-Framework "Frames CMS"

Staring with December 2015, I've decided to develop a content management from scratch.

I am very well aware that "you shouldn't reinvent the wheel" - on the other hand, if all the available wheel do not fit your needs, why not go for it?

The new framework is written in PHP and uses databases like MySQL, MariaDB but can also be adapted to other SQL databases. Unlike most current framework, it does not rely on the use of JavaScript (also for security reasons)

Please have a look at my german language pages - I hope I will get through to translate the descriptions.

Frames CMS is not Open Source, I use it for several customers. The mail goal of "Frames CMS" is to handle not only texts and images, files like any other CMS but to be able to display any SQL table and edit, view, delete its contents even without the need of more and more "add-ons" etc. - I wanted to be as independent as possible.

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