I happen to be an electronics developer, too.

Current projects include

LoRaWAN datalogger and remote switch

I am currently (June 2018) preparing to create a low-power device that is able to log temperature and humidity at a very high precision in two locations (usually indoor and outdoor): By calculating the absolute humidity from these measurements it is possible to dry buildings like churches and all sorts of things without heating. I am collaborating with an engineer firm econzept - the project could include more than 1000 churches, contacts to the customers have already been established. The data collection software is already ready.

Door lock system v.2

Ten years ago, I have successfully developed a door lock system that is operated via Internet for tis citizen's center in Freiburg. We gathered a lot of experience with real users and I would say the code and use cases is quite mature now.

Ten years ago, we were only able to produce bigger (Linux based) control units that could operate 16 doors each. We needed serious cabling to operate number keypads, door magnets, LED etc. at each of the about 30 doors.

Now with new, inexpensive devices that are capable to encrypt data properly (so hacking into the real doors can be avoided) I am planning to create a second version that has a microcotroller and each door. The software to control the door lock system and calendar application is already working well.

My German language pages should give you an idea what it is that I work on.

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